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3d Array Modifier 3d Ggradient 3d Model 3d Particles 3d Tapered Curve 3d Hair Ball 3d Glass 3d Text Bevel

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Beginner Tips

  • Learn to Model First: When starting out, you may be tempted to download other people's models to use in your project. However, I stroongly suggest that you first learn to model your own stuff. Then if later down the road you need "filler objects" for a scene you are making, then downloading already made models may speed up your project. But, LEARN to DO IT ON YOUR OWN first!
  • Don't Use Plug-ins at First: The Blender community has a lot of free/paid add-ons (plug-ins) that speeds up modelling or adds a cool feature. However, as stated above, Learn to use Blender until you are comfortable with it first. Then you add add-ons later.
  • Beware of Copyright: If by chance in the future you download models that are already made. Be sure to verify the license that comes with that model. Using or even selling other people's models is not a good practice to get into. If caught, you could end up paying a fine or face legal action.
  • Learn From Others: The best way to learn is from others. The best place to find good tutorials is on YouTube.
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